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A2 desi cow milk

  • Fresh
  • Natural
  • Hygenic
  • Unprocessed
  • Unadulterated
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GouDhaara Desi Cow Milk is naturally produced without use of growth hormone injections or antibiotics. Our cows are fed with natural fodder and cattle feed without chemical or animal ingredients.


Milk is delivered at customers doorstep within 4-5 hours of milking. Customers need to boil the milk as soon as they receive milk to maintain freshness and avoid bacterial growth.


Whatever mother cow gives it’s given to you as is without processing to preserve natural vitamins and minerals present in the milk.


GouDhaara Desi Cow Milk is of highest quality without any adulteration.


GouDhaara Desi Cow Milk is carefully produced and packed with great hygiene in Glass bottles.