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farm fresh desi cow bilona butter – 500gm

  • Deliverable only in hyderabad
  • Min order amount 1500rs
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22 - 29 Apr, 2024
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Butter at GouDhaara Farms is made freshly churned through Gir Cow milk Curd. The Aroma, color, and the taste is completely mesmerizing as the quality of the Indian cow butter and source of the milk is authentic. 

We make ghee obtain raw Indian Cow milk, then boil it, we let it cool to about 42-43 degree Celsius and add curd.  After it settle for about 12-14 hours. Curd is then churned using ancient methods to obtain clarified butter. We place the clarified butter.

Home style preparations without preservatives makes the butter naturally soft and keeps it superior taste. As there are no preservatives the shelf life is shorter.